Dimensions of Beauty

The cycle “Dimensions of Beauty” was a continuation of the earlier cycle “Plastic Myth” (late 80's – 90's). Igor’s lifelong quest is to grasp the origins of human civilization, its values, its deeper levels of consciousness, and the interrelations between the astral and the material world. The images of Ukrainian Lada, Sumerian Inanna, Egyptian Hathor and Greek Aphrodite are reborn in the artist’s atelier as modern interpretations of the archetypal myth of the Great Goddess, later the Goddess of Love. Another series of works brings us to the mystery and biblical mythology of Eve and the forbidden fruit. The idea of the Muse in the series of the same name is based on the ancient Greek ideas of inspiration and creativity. It is embodied as a personification of the work of artists who inspired Igor and had an impact on entire eras.

These sculptures are dynamic and elegant, generating movement within the solidity of bronze. The artist uses meaningful symbolic details, expressive silhouettes, contrasting textures and intricate lines to portray the supernatural and magical essence of his images.