Animal Totems

In his fantastic animals series, some of the most significant facets of Igor Grechanyk’s artwork are reflected. Fantastic animals radiate the power of nature. They are at once dynamic, energetic and graceful. Yet equally, the artist portrays an internal, mystical quality, emblematic of his own vision and creative style.

“This is plastique that finds it roots in the most ancient human art: people in prehistoric times perceived the world though zoomorphic images, transferring features of their ancestors and gods onto them. The animals belonged to the higher forces of nature, served as totems of a person and influenced his life. When you get through the veil of time and daily routine you can feel their magical nature.” Igor Grechanyk

Zoomorphic images represent philosophical concepts. In these sculptures, powerful archaic images display their beauty with the subtle curves of ancient Greek plastique – images of Altair cave transformed by contemporary line – creating a unique artistic style.