63 (h)x44x16 cm

Curator review: A beautiful yet solemn spatial experience, can be felt in the dark, curved edges and brooding tones of this ruminative sculpture by artist Igor Grechanyk. Grechanyk’s eloquent and melancholy portrayal of a wanderer atop an emaciated steed, elucidates on his defining title and one can not help but be palpably connected to this interpretive circumstance. This moving work manifests the personal reflections of the artist and adeptly leads the viewer into introspection. – E.E. Jacks

This sculpture is about a journey to oneself.

I started this work in 2019 after returning from China, where I took part in the grand Art Fair in Shanghai. I could not understand the origins of this work, but there was a strong feeling of need to work on it. Coronavirus-related events began to unfold later. And I felt that the apocalyptic mood of the sculpture is connected with this worldwide problem. The coronavirus problem is now obvious, so I decided to publish the work. I think that this will no longer affect the course of events humanity is facing, but will help to better understand the drama of the situation.

This sculpture received the 2020 Kiev Triennial of Sculpture award and was ranked among the top five sculptures by the Global Art Award (Shanghai).