Leonardo on Leo

Bronze, h- 51 cm

51 x 63 x 28 cm

Leonardo exploring the landscape of dreams

The detached creator creates his personal universe. The lion is the symbol of the sovereign in the material world, and the sage is the symbol of the power of the spirit over the material world. As a creator of a new universe, Leonardo da Vinci leads his viewer, follower, admirer through the labyrinth of life. I would like to share with you by comments for the sculpture Leonardo exploring the landscape of dreams (Leonardo on Leo) from

Dutch Art Historian and Poet Gerrit Luidinga:

LEONARDO ON LEO sculpture of Igor Grechanyk

Double portrait of brothers in imagination with a deep rooted conviction in their own capability that is firmly embedded in the basic fragility as final piece of the existence. The sculpture is the ultimate expression of the status quo of everyone who is exploring the magical landscapes of dreams and anarchy, doing it in a complete submission to the tenderness of the mind in connection with the receptivity to beauty and gravity. Leonardo is totally in balance with himself and with the lion. Both are visibly bound with each other. Leonardo is the spiritual aspect of this duality and Leo represents the primeval power as generator of a superior and turbulent will to live. Look the fantastic imagination of the creative mastership of the undamaged human being.