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Interview with Igor Grechanyk

Contemporary Art Curator Magazine

Artist Statement

The path to the discovery of new dimensions, and the expansion of the boundaries of perception, go through the inner world of a man. Creativity is an opening of oneself. Through creativity, an artist is able to discover a new unique world and make it visible to others.

What first prompted you to think of becoming an artist?

My father, Viktor Grechanyk, was a famous Ukrainian sculptor. As far back as I can remember, I have always seen myself as an artist. I did not consider any other option. The artistic aura surrounding me, created by my father and his colleagues, was so captivating that it deprived me of the possibility of any other choice.

What kind of an artist do you ultimately see yourself?

I see myself akin to an early Renaissance artist who personifies not only one direction in art, but who does painting, sculpture, architecture, and design. And all this I happen to do, to my delight. Also in these areas (sculpture, painting), I strive not to be limited to only one style or direction, but to use and develop different styles, commensurate to the artistic task, in order to achieve the maximum expressiveness of a particular work. Now we are all as artists of the Renaissance, as when the Middle Ages receded and new opportunities opened up. New technologies have appeared and therefore the main aspect: the artist’s possibilities are limited only by his imagination and time.

What are you hoping to communicate to the viewer through your work?

What did Leonardo want to express with his Mona Lisa? Or Michelangelo with his beautiful sculptures? We may also ask, what does the diamond convey to its contemplator? I don’t think they hope to communicate anything to the viewer, because they are perfect in themselves. But the viewer, contemplating them, can find the whole universe there if he is capable of it. Therefore, I believe that the artist’s task is to hone and polish the diamond of his work, making it perfect. Nothing else matters.

Can you explain the process of creating your work?

It is the removal of all unnecessary and alien layers of one’s life in order to get to the inner essence, creating the maximum density and transparency concentrated in a work of art.

What is your favorite part of the creative process?

The creative process can be compared to being immersed in the ocean. It is interesting to enter it, feel the waves, and swim. To discover its strength and power. The creative process, like the ocean, can carry you away with its powerful current. Creativity is a dangerous process.

Can you give us an insight into current projects and inspiration, or what we can look forward to from you in the near future?

Now I am creating a new cycle, combining sculpture, photography, and painting. I work with a sculpture, translate it into 2D, add paint and color. One of the newest facets is creating digital dynamic images based on my sculptures. Dynamic imagery brings its own, unique element of perception. A very interesting aspect of contemporary life is the creation of NFT tokens. I enjoy working on the creation of a digital collection as NFTs. I am also working on creating a gallery where I will be able to invite world-famous artists to exhibit.

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